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A few of Tabfu Customers Generating Traffic From Facebook:

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As You Know

Facebook Is The Biggest Opportunity

Online For Unlimited Traffic That Will Make You Money....

There are over 2 billion people on Facebook right now, and that number just keeps growing by the day.

If you’re not currently using Facebook to get traffic, generate quality leads for your business, and ultimately make sales, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, solopreneur, or a traditional small business owner, Facebook is something you CANNOT ignore...

With Big Opportunity Comes Big Competition

As more and more businesses flock to Facebook to seize this opportunity, it harder than ever for you to get the results you’re looking from Facebook. Especially if you have a limited budget or you’re a solopreneur.

Think about it this way…

People spend countless hours each day on Facebook…

If you’re looking to connect with people that are interested in whatever it is you’re offering, Facebook is the place to do it.But,

because more businesses than ever before are on Facebook, it’s getting almost impossible to stand out from the crowd... And traditional Facebook fan pages are stable, boring, and just won't cut it like they used to. You need more...


That's where Facebook tabs come in...

Facebook Tabs Are A Great Way To Stand Out And Get Big Results On Facebook… 


Although tabs have been around for a few years, many marketers and small business people are not taking advantage of the, because they are a bit complicated to create.

Without a design and coding background, it’s quite likely you’ll struggle a lot to create Facebook tabs on your own that get you the results that you’re looking for…

The good news is, today you’ll have your chance to get your hands on the ultimate tool that ANYONE can use to quickly create stunning Facebook tabs with just a few mouse clicks…

But before we show you that, we want to make it clear what Facebook tabs are and how they work...

What Exactly Are Facebook Tabs?

Facebook Tabs allow you to create a “mini website” right inside of Facebook. Because Facebook works so hard to keep people ON Facebook, being able to give your customers and prospective customers EXACTLY what they want is extremely powerful.

Facebook tabs are GREAT for engaging your customers and prospective customers AND for generating leads and ultimately making sales right on Facebook.

Here’s An Example Of Facebook Tabs In Use…

37,087,785 people like this
35,560,710 people follow this
18,296 people like this
17,547 people follow this
10,697,392 people like this
10,695,941 people follow this

You’ll notice that Dell, StarBucks and Cintas have much more than just standard Facebook pages…

It’s like they’ve built an ENTIRE website that includes everything from Customer Support to the ability to Shop Online RIGHT on Facebook…

This is powerful because someone can stumble across one of the posts or ads, land on their Facebook page, and ultimately interact directly with these top guns without ever leaving Facebook.

And these are just a few of many examples of BIG brands out there getting big results with Facebook Tabs.

Unfortunately, the big brands out there have some big advantages when it comes to creating Facebook tabs…

Most large companies are able to spend THOUSANDS of dollars to get things setup or they have a staff of “full time” employees with design and coding skills that can do all the work for them...

The Big Problems  You’ll Run Into With Creating

Facebook Tabs On Your Own...

The Good News Is...

We’ve Created An Easy-To-Use,  Cloud Based Software Tool That SOLVES All Of These Problems
(And More)...

This software completely LEVELS the playing field with the “big guys” and makes it easy for you to leverage tabs to start get traffic, generating leads, and making sales right away...


Improved for 2017 and trusted by over 2,000 online marketers and businesses

The Good News Is...

Here’s What Tabfu

Will Do For You...

No coding or design skills required… If you can point and click your mouse and follow basic instructions, you’ve got everything you need to get big results with Tabfu


There’s NOTHING to install, so you can start creating tabs within minutes


Dozens of Facebook tab templates are included for all sorts of pages… everything from pages designed to boost engagement to lead generation templates to sales pages

Use our never-before-seen “Gate Tabs” to force people to share your content before viewing to get you hundreds of viral visitors each day!

Easy To Use

Create tabs with just a few clicks of your mouse


All tabs created with Tabfu are mobile-optimized (Tabs created using the instructions Facebook gives are NOT)

You Can Even Use Tabfu Pro To Create Lead Capture Pages & Build An Email List RIGHT Inside Of Facebook


Taking people off of Facebook to an opt-in page is becoming less effective by the day.

Facebook puts a lot of money and effort into keeping people ON Facebook…

Tabfu solves that problem by allowing you to create tabs with opt-in pages on Facebook and integrates with the all of these popular email marketing tools…  

Imagine how powerful it will be to build a list… RIGHT there on Facbeook… No more sending people to an opt-in page and hoping for the best.

You’ll INSTANTLY boost your opt-in rates with just a few clicks of your when you use Tabfu.

You Need To See Tabfu For Yourself To
See How Powerful It Really Is…

Watch Tabfu In Action…

Click Here Now To Try Tabfu With No Risk

Just 3 Simple Steps To Creating Stunning Facebook Tabs With  Tabfu Pro

Link Your Facebook Account To Tabfu

Choose The Tab Template You Want From Hundreds To And Customize With The Click Of Your Mouse

Click Publish And Your Tab Is Instantly Created

(All Of This Takes Just A Few Minutes - No Design Or Coding Required EVER!)

When You Use Tabfu, You Will...

Stand Out From Your Competition

Get More Free Traffic

Generate More Quality Leads

Make More Sales!



Look At All The Different Kind Of Tabs

You Can Create With Tabfu Pro

  • Product launch tabs for making your next product launch stand out
  • Custom pages so you can create your own “mini website” right on Facebook
  • Software promotion tabs for showcasing new software launches
  • App feature tabs for promoting new apps
  • Video promo tabs where you can embed videos
  • Squeeze page tabs for collecting leads
  • Viral traffic gate tabs that requires the visitor to share before viewing getting you tons of FREE, viral traffic!

Tabfu  Pro Works For Newbies  And Experienced Affiliates,  Marketers,  And Business Owners...



  Are You Ready To Start  Creating Facebook Tabs

With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse?

This is one of the most powerful, yet easy-to-use software tools you'll ever get your hands on...

Here’s why…

Simply outsourcing the creation of a couple of tabs will EASILY set you back hundreds of dollars, and that’s just the cost to create them.

The end result when you use powerful features like our Viral Gate Pages or the included ability to link to email marketing tools is extremely valuable.

If you’re doing ANY kind of marketing on Facebook, using Tabfu will quickly BOOST your results and make you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month…

Tabfu Monthly

$ 99 Monthly
  • Unlimited Tabs
  • Unlimited Facebook Account Connection
  • Professional ads templates
  • Premium analytics

Get an extra 58% discount and pay only $99/- annually.

No contract cancel anytime *

Get These Bonuses  Valued At $900 For FREE When You Get Tabfu Right Now...


Bonus 1:  Facebook Target Generator - $297.00


  • Uncover thousands of hidden Facebook interests you would have never thought existed!
  • Expand your Facebook ad campaign audience for squeezing more profits from your campaigns!
  • Use “Power keywords” to get the MOST profitable interest targets for any niche imaginable!
  • Use “Power keywords” to get the MOST profitable interest targets for any niche imaginable!
  • Fully Facebook compliant, Target Generator does NOT violate any terms of service. So you can be confident when using our software!
  • Extract the number of likes & the number of people talking about each page target
  • Instantly know all the targets that have the most engagement using the Affinity data!
  • Search with multiple keyword phrases, and use the handy “power words” button to append all power words with a single click!
  • Never lose your data… save all your targets to external files in text, csv, and project files!

Bonus 2:  Bleupage Pro - One Click Publisher - $97.00


  • Manage 8 major social media networks
  • Post to all your social media networks with one click
  • Capture email leads using email marketing and discount coupon features
  • Bulk upload content
  • Schedule posts
  • Manage Facebook groups, LinkedIn pages, Pinterest boards, G+ circles

Bonus 3:  Bleupage Pro Mobile Apps - $127.00

  • Manage 7 Major Social Media Platforms using one Application
  • Creating Total Automated Campaigns using your Favorite Android / IOS device

Bonus 4:  Tabfu Mobile Apps - $73.00

  • Craft campaigns in the palm of your hand
  • See analytics on the go to see how things are shaping up

We don’t want anything to stop you from getting Tabfu right now at the lowest pricing we’ve ever offered it.

That’s why we’re going to give you a full 14 days to try Tabfu on our dime with absolutely NO risk.

Here’s how it works...

  • Lock-in your discount on Tabfu right now
  • Start creating stunning tabs in minutes
  • Get more FREE traffic, more leads, and boost sales right away
  • Then decide if Tabfu is for you…

If for ANY reason you’re not satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll get you a prompt refund of your tiny investment. We’re willing to give you a guarantee like this because we know you’ll be blown away when you start using Tabfu and see just how easy it is to create stunning Facebook tabs in mere minutes…

Choose An Option Below   Right Now For No Risk Access To Tabfu Pro...




Frequently Asked Question

What Is Tabfu Pro?

Tabfu is an easy-to-use, newbie-friendly software tool that makes it easy to create stunning Facebook tabs with just a few clicks of your mouse. You’ll be able to stand out from your competition, get more traffic, more leads, and make more sales than ever before when you use Tabfu.Tabfu is an easy-to-use, newbie-friendly software tool that makes it easy to create stunning Facebook tabs with just a few clicks of your mouse. You’ll be able to stand out from your competition, get more traffic, more leads, and make more sales than ever before when you use Tabfu.

What makes Tabfu Pro newbie friendly?

You don’t have to install anything to start using Tabfu. Simply login to the cloud-based software and start making tabs in minutes without any prior skills or experience.

Why is this better than other tab creation software tools?

Tabfu is loaded with DOZENS of pre-made templates that really make it stand out. Plus, the tabs you create with Tabfu are mobile-optimized and designed with a focus on getting you more traffic, more leads, and more sales.

Is this something I could do on my own?

Of course you can create your own Facebook tabs or outsource their creation. Unfortunately, it’s a rather complicated process that requires both design and coding skills. That means it’s time-consuming if you decide to do it yourself and expensive you choose to outsource. But with Tabfu, it will look like you’ve invested a ton of time and money to create your Facebook tabs even though it only took you a few clicks of your mouse and literally just minutes to get it all setup.

Who should get Tabfu Pro?

If you’re doing almost anything online, this is for you… As we’ve already pointed out, using Facebook and Facebook tabs is a powerful way to generate leads, get traffic, and make sales. If you’re doing anything online and you're not using Facebook tabs, you’re missing out, which is why Tabfu works great for the following...

 Affiliate marketing

 CPA offers

 Lead generation and list-building

 Selling your own products

 eCommerce

 Consultants and coaches

 Traditional business owners  And more...

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, you get 14 days to make sure this is for you. If for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll send you speedy refund.

How do I get started right now?

Choose An Option Below Right Now For Instant Access...

Tabfu Monthly

$ 99 Monthly
  • Unlimited Tabs
  • Unlimited Facebook Account Connection
  • Professional ads templates
  • Premium analytics

Get an extra 58% discount and pay only $99/- annually.

No contract cancel anytime *