The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Chat Bots

What are chatbots? Are they big opportunity? Well, the growth in social media results in new things such as social media bots. A social media bot is basically an algorithm. To us it seems like a real person involve in tweeting or talking to you via Facebook or twitter but the reality is different, it’s just a code. They simple little pieces of codes but are showed as complex objects. They are used on people Twitter accounts, for example like real followers they can tweet, reply and look like a follower but they are not real. They act as real followers and friends, possess power to convince anybody that they are real. It strikes as exciting, and fun in some cases.

Social Media Chat Bots

A chatbot is a service mechanized by artificial intelligence, which can range in variety of forms from functional to fun. For example, Facebook Messenger, Tweets, Slack, Text Messages, etc. They are very common these days and can be quite dangerous but on other side they can be helpful too. There can be real value in social media bots, for example; If Gucci come up with a bot on their Facebook, in which you can ask what you want or looking for? The bot will simply reply to your queries. You need not to browse through a website, you will have a chat with bot. A bot can work in many ways like:

  • Grocery bot will assist you in ordering groceries.
  • Life advice bot. You can even share your problems with the bot. They can act as an advice bot.
  • Calendar bot, can schedule your meeting and your day.
  • A bot can help you finding a new room or hostel in a city.

These bots can mirror the type of experience you can get through real person. Siri and Cortana, are best examples of bots. The trend of bots is increasing, as many people are using messenger apps than the social networks.

What’s the Opportunity? People are now utilizing more time on social media chat bots as compare to social media networks. It a huge turning point as these social media chat bots are the future, if you want to come up with an online business, you need to come up with the social bot or messenger app to know where the people are. This shift results in opportunities for distribution. The basic idea is that customers will interact with user interface and can easily access to any brand or service they want to avail with the help of mature advertising products. Facebook has already started working on this idea through Facebook F8 conference.  Facebook’s bot strategy is to line up with many major companies around the globe through which users can order goods and services through their messenger app. This way it will lock the people into messenger, Facebook will become necessity for people and this way it can compete with companies like Apple and Google.

Social Media Chat Bots

How it works? There are two types of chatbots, one functions on a set of rules, and the as machine learning.

Chatbot that functions on rules. It has limited number of functions; it works on specific commands. If a person says something wrong it won’t be able to work and know what you are saying.

Chatbot that functions using machine learning. The more a person interacts with a bot, the more the bot will learn and automatically there will be improvement in responses. Mostly these types of bots are used in customer services. Machine learning refers to that the bot will be able to respond and listen to what a person or customer types in. With passage of time it will be able to respond in much natural and most importantly helpful way. Further, machine learning means that you’re looking at a circumstance where a bot can vigorously assist the market. This means that specifying and providing longer responses, assist and provide beneficial information, so that a bot can build a trust.


Configure your own bot: Well it should be kept in mind that the content, the ability to help the audience, respond amazingly depends on the leader. It depends on the leader and the brand how thoughtful they are as we are talking about messenger apps and the bots inside them. Main purpose here is to construct a conversation. Bots may seem to be incredibly easy to construct but they are difficult to in practical. One need to set up bots that can assist customer queries and provides valuable information to customers if they type in keywords. Above all, work hard to test your bot. Nothing will work immediately but it will definitely with time.

The question arises that if the bot works on artificial intelligence, do the leader need to be an expert of artificial intelligence. The answer is NO! You just need to know what type of problems are you focusing on then choose the platform like Facebook, Slack, etc. and then set up a server to run your bot from.

Resources: A company can start with these resources:

  1. The Platform documentation these days can be Facebook Messenger, Slack, Discord, Telegram, Kik.
  2. Create A Slackbot, using Botkit, Sketch UI Kit For Messenger Bots,,, howdy’s botkit,, are possible services that can be used to build bot.

Social media bots can help brands to avail great customer service opportunity being highly responsive. This is supreme easy to do with bots as bots has the capacity to cater numerous number of responses. It is easy and comfortable for a brand, bots are actually going to be very big news soon and it will be a big win for the brand as it’s not complex. No upcoming brand can ignore this thing, it will set the competition to whole new level, if you’re up for social media bot start small by defining your customer service. Define your ‘bot strategy’ and bring your game by helping customers.