Tips to Engage with Facebook Page Visitors

You probably have created a Facebook page and now you are wandering on how to effectively engage your audience. These are some of the tips that will help you better engage your visitors.

  • Post Regularly

You have to be consistent in the quality and content of your posts so people know what to expect. Keep a specific number of posts depending on your audience. There should be minimum of 3-4 posts daily. So that you keep on engaging with the followers or visitors. Schedule your posts when most of the people are online. There are many free facebook tools that help you identify when most of your audience in online.

  • Review the performance of your posts

After posting relevant content reviewing your performance is very important. Reviewing helps you better understand who your most engaged audience is and which kind of posts got more likes and comments. So you can adjust your posts according to your audience.

  • Making your Content Share-Worthy

Create content for your Facebook page that is crazy-shareable. Try to inject emotion in your posts. Also, use power words. Example: What are you more likely to share?

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You will most likely share the second one, this is how important your content is. CONTENT is the very first step to engage the Facebook visitors which makes it the most important tip amongst all.

  • Fill in the blank

Fill the blanks

Use small sentences and leave a single word missing for audience to fill in. This helps engage the audience and generates large number of likes and comments.

As we can see the same strategy was used by Oleev. It will help them identify the favorite food of their audience.

  • Integrate your profile picture with your cover photo

Integrate your profile picture with your cover photo

The creative profile picture and cover photo helps engage the facebook page visitors. As you can see in the above picture how Nestle Nido has done this. It helps create an attraction for the audience.

  • Pin some significant posts on the top of your page

Basically when you publish new content the older one gets shoved father down in your timeline. But at times you may want a particular important post to stay at the top of your facebook page even when you publish new posts. Facebook offers a feature where you can pin one post at the top of the page. You can use the pinned posts attract and engage visitors about any important announcement, upcoming events etc. But remember you can only pin one post at a time.

  • Timeline Contests

Use timeline contests to involve people. You can put sweepstakes (pick winners at random amongst those who have liked or commented on your post), quizzes (ask a question in your post and choose winners amongst those who wrote the correct answer) or photo contests (ask your fans to put up pictures and choose the winner with most likes and comments).  Timeline contests tool of Facebook makes it very easy and it helps in putting sweepstakes, quizzes and photo contests and also help you choose winners. Below in an example of how you can use current or upcoming events like football matches to increase the participation of current and potential followers.

  • Promote your page

Add Facebook follow buttons on your websites, emails and blogs.  For example, you can embed a Facebook like button in your blog’s side bar. Send a message to alert all your contacts that you are on Facebook. You can even ask your family members and close friends to share your page or posts.

  • Give a shout-out

Give a shout-out

At times give a shout-out to your customers or followers rather than just posting out your business content. Followers get appreciated when their content is shared by brands and its helps attract others as well. Sometimes a shout out when your followers hit a certain number also helps in boasting the followers. As shown in the picture below, Book of Mormon 365 added a post just to appreciate its 100K followers and also offers discount to say thank you to its followers.

  • Use a catchy headline

Catchy headline has the power to attract or detract audience. So by using a captivating headline you engage people. You have to use powerful and attractive words so people are compelled to view your posts. Also, Facebook offers you a free Headline Analyzer tool that calculates the score of your potential headline and gives you tips on how to improve your headline and make it more captivating.

  • Involve with a question

Involve with a question

Involve your audience with a question. Ask them about their preferences, suggestions, favorite products, memories with your products etc. This help them voice their opinions and suggestions. As the picture below shows how mountain dew uses Facebook to engage their followers or visitors and know about customer’s favorite flavor.

  • Collect votes with Like Vs Comment

As shown in the picture below ask your fans such questions frequently it helps to keep them engaged. Such as Like if they like Nutella and Comment if they like Vegemite. Also, it keeps you informed of their preferences. Tip is to use debatable choices and keep it related to your products.

  • Give Away

Do frequent give away contests. It seems nice that you are giving away something to your society. It is also a secret way to engage people and increase your followers. Example many pages put the criteria that you like the page and tag your 3 friends to enter into the giveaway contest. So the tip is setting the criteria in such a manner that it not only invites visitors but keep them engaged as well.

  • Add a familiar profile and cover photo

Be very careful while choosing your profile and cover photo. Pick a profile picture that helps the audience identify you. It can be anything from a company logo to your personal picture if you are a famous consultant or a property dealer. Being recognizable is very important as it will help people find you.

These are few tips that can be adapted to better engage with the visitors. Includes these tips to build long lasting relationship with your visitors and learn more about your audience. Hope you find them useful.